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Monday, July 4, 2011


A Successful Foundation Futurity breeder and Gift from Voyo Radoman, Hamilton, Ontario. Described as a Devriendt/Delbar, but closer look will reveal the Reichard gene pool. Chick Brooks, Hapyco Lofts has successfully flown this long distance family since the 1950's.

TUVOK is a grandson of "IRON HORSE", Hall of Fame winner, Flew 6 x 500 to 600 miles. In 1983 alone, IRON HORSE flew 2 x 600 and 2 x 500 Miles. Endurance & Reliability plus!

CHIC BROOKS describes his family and TUVOK's detailed pedigree ...

REICHARD This is a family flown in California that was introduced by Don Reichard and then by Chic Brooks in the 1950's. They are a very very tough family of racers that perform all over the USA. Give them a headwind and they are there. The IRON HORSE has bred many race winners and lived to be 21 years. He died in 2002, still filling all of his eggs.

DELBAR Hapyco acquired the Delbars in 1973. They were bred by Maurice Delbar and they were fantastic.....They flew from 100 to 600 plus miles. No Problem. Out of those birds they raised a fantastic hen called "PEACHES". She had a Golden Eye. Her children, Grand children, and on and on are all over the world winning and breeding winners. Hapyco then integrated a few from Paul De Boo of San Diego. What super pigeons. Hapyco then added the Pete Henry "Trans Sierra Delbars" and then they were cooking. The super hen from Hugh Gray, "Friendly Blue" won the 600 miles by over 3 hours. This blend has been together for many years. They are very inbred. When Chic mated them to a Vernazza Janssen hen in 1987. Walla. There was the "MIRACLE HEN". She won the 600 by over 1 1/2 hours on 2 separate occasions. She flew her last race when she was 7 years old and she was Chic's 1st bird from the 600. She has bred multiple race winners. The MIRACLE Family is nothing short of WORLD CLASS. She is PEACHES bred on the Sires side and George Law Vernazza.

JANSSENS They are a variety of Vernazza, Vince Janson, Jankowski and Richesin. They are a solid family of birds. They fly and breed straight. The Merckx Bloodlines came from Vince Janson of Oregon. The Young Merckx, Hidden Cock, Donker Stier, Geeloger, Super 51 and on and on. "THE MAGICIAN" was added for strength. He was bred by Rene Truyen. His daughter when mated to The "Clustered Eye Hen" was 2nd All American Hen in the USA. Flown by Dion Trent. The MIRACLE HEN is 1/2 Janssen.

DEVRIENDT The start came from LLOYD FELIX in southern California. They were marvelous all distance birds. Chic developed them into a winning family from 100 to 700 miles. Including 700 mile day birds! Black and Barless Mealy & Blue Bars.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

van Breemen Hen

Tony Paszterko and Mike Taylor were able to pick up this hen at the Sick Kid's Charity Auction held at the Vandorf Community Hall on November 13, 2010. A Great Event organized by Robert and Steven Rotiroti (The Rotiroti Bros).

"613" was one of four quality birds donated by Chris Mitsiou at this auction.

"De Goede Jaarling" NL-82-448368 and "Het Boerke" NL-78-2026572 show up seven times in this very tight pedigree.